Monster Of God is a strategy game combining Idle RPG specials and Autobattler. Each monster is unique and equally accessible to anyone. Monster Of God is completely free to play. Monster Of God allows players to collect Monster Soul Potion (MSP).

- Joining activities in the game.
- Competing in PVP battles for the leaderboard rewards.
- Collecting, speculating on monsters, items and more.

Crash of Robot

Welcome to Crash of Robot. Choose a hero accompanied with your robot to join an adventure to new lands. Here you start in the green land, go through the arid desert to the frozen area and end in the molten lava.

To overcome these challenges, you will undergo battles like hurdles in robot war or mech war. Going to the end of each land, you will face agaist Megabots with special powers. Each Megabot will have distinctive skills that require your ingenious thinking and capacity to conquer.


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